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We invite you to visit us...

We would love to talk about your individual sitiuation and needs for your operation.  We love talking cows and would like for you to come take a look at ours.

We have both fall born and spring born bulls for sale

  Calves sired by Fleckvieh bulls reach market weight faster than their Angus sired counterparts on the same diet. 


They convert their feed more efficiently and yield better.


Which means more dollars made per calf with the same resources!


We began using Fleckvieh in our commercial operation 5 years ago, and we became believers!  We were looking to increase our weaning weights and build more efficient females.  That is why we believe in the Fleckvieh breed they are a dual purpose breed that will put quality meat on the bone while still having the milk and maternal characteristics that cattlemen strive for.


Why Fleckvieh?

Fleckvieh Advantages

  • Feed efficiency

  • Maternal Calving Ease

  • Moderate Frame with high growth

  • High Fertility

  • Docility

  • Excellent milk with good udders

  • Deep Bodied, easy-keeping cattle

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