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Herd Sires

  • 276- Brink Ambrose x Brink Miss Ringo

    • 276 has good pigment and feet and he always puts alot of meat on the bone.  He goes back to K07 and Shamu.

  • 43C Anchor T Impact X Shawacres Rose

    • Keets Compact 43C is a loose made deep bodied power house.  He has so many powerhouse names in his pedigree we are excited to see his first calf crop in 2017.

  • 170G Golden Dawn Arno, Golden Dawn Talladega X Kuz Ms. Molson.

    • We are co owners with Stanley Martins on this bull.  We really like the pigment and phenotype of this bull.  we are anxious to see the females this guy will produce.​

  • 409D CFFS Balboa.​

    • Balboa is a descedant of Pol Balboa and he has done a terrific job on our replacement ​heifers with 100% trouble free calving season in 2018.  His calves come easy and grow really well.

  • 562G Golden Dawn Sarg.​

    • Sunny Valley Sargent son we are using on heifers and cows. We really like his pigment and calving ease.​

  • 156BF Boyle Ranch Ferrari​

    • Here is a polled fullblood bull we raised ourselves out of a Double Bar D Maestro Daughter.  He really has style and performance.​




AI Sires

  • Crossroad Raium

  • Samurai

  • Yuma

  • Talladega

  • Levi

  • Golden Dawn Bonus

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