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Trying to stay warm and catching up on computer work.

Hey everyone,

I hope you all are getting what you need to get done in this cold snap. -50 windchill is a little excessive, even for the coldest spot in Iowa (Washta). It is a struggle just keeping cows fed and everyone somewhat comfortable, but it looks like there are better days ahead. I hope all of your equipment starts and runs flawlessly through this cold weather and all the cattle can get somewhere tucked in warm. You all are great cattlemen so I know they are in good hands. I'm working on registrations/EPD things this week. The bulls are posted on the website now. I should be getting the Diluter test results and the Igenity Profiles soon. If you see a bull you like don't be hesitant to call me to get more information. There are a few that are spoken for already. I did put a little description by each bull, just a little insight to his potential. We also have a group of open replacement heifers for sale as well. There are a dozen or so registered females available. I apologize for not having the registrations up under each bull but soon it will be done.

Best Regards,



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