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What a winter so far!

Its been an interesting winter so far for the weather. We are getting some much needed moisture but I hope we save some for summer! I think we have had more moisture in November and December than we had all spring and summer this last year. All of the cattle have been doing pretty good, the fall calves are growing like weeds with some really exciting calves coming into their own. We moved the spring calving group to a new stalk field this last weekend so we can walk them home in a month. The bull prospects are looking great in the developing yards. We have some really exciting yearlings and fallborn bulls. I believe there are 18 to choose from still with 7 already reserved for this coming breeding season. We will be getting a catalog together in February again. On farm visits are always welcome if you want to come take a look. The bulls are available private treaty like in the past and we are planning another heifer sale for November. We hope everyone had a great Christmas and wish everyone a prosperous New Year.




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