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Red White and Beautiful Fleckvieh Female Sale November 2-4

We are putting the finishing touches on our online catalog and the auction website will be updated soon with the new lots. There will be 12 breds and 11 opens on the sale this year. We have a solid offering from our new herdsire Golden Dawn Arno and Boyle Ranch Ferrari. Most of the breds are due next February/March AI'D to South Seven Polled Perfection and pasture exposed to either Golden Dawn Sarg or Boyle Ranch Hobo. There will be 3 heifers due in April bred to Sarg or Hobo as well. The open heifers are yearlings now and will be ready for fall breeding if you so wish to expose them. We are offering a couple commercial heifers from my herd in the opens. We are excited about the opportunity to share our genetics with the public. Every heifer that we deemed replacement worthy is in the offering this year, with none held back

. So you are seeing the cream of the crop from our efforts. As always if you have any questions give me a call, or if you would like to visit to inspect in person that would be very welcome.




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