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Cold start to calving.

I keep telling myself that we are getting close to spring but it was -28 with windchill this morning. Our spring heifers are pretty well done calving and cows are starting. Hopefully everyone is fairing well through the unseasonable cold snap. I have tried the duct tape trick to save the ears on the calves and it seems to have worked well. I finally received the Igenity results this last week and I will attach them to this blog. If you are interested in the results on 01BE or 60AE, they are on last years results and I can email those to you. Diluter tests came through and all the bulls are diluter free except for 27zf and 059xf. Those two bulls will work better on red hided cattle. Another note that 4bf is actually MOD on the results sheet. If you have any questions on the results or would like more insight to them don't hesitate to call. 712-870-8666. Hopefully this weather breaks soon and we can get to growing grass within 45 days (wishful thinking). God Bless and have a great week.



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