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Fall Calves are all on the Ground!

We finally finished up fall calving the other day! I keep threatening to turn our whole herd into a fall calving herd but every year I turn the bulls in to our spring cows in May. Some day I will learn haha. We have the spring calves all weaned and developing in our yards. The bulls had an average weaning weight of 697 and heifers averaged 643. I am very pleased with these numbers with no creep and not having to feed the cows through any of the grazing season. We had a few standouts that are sure to be impressive in next years sale. We are kicking around the idea of having a open/bred female sale next fall. We are finally getting to the point of offering a group of breds and opens large enough to put on an online sale. Id like to get some feedback from some of our followers/customers as to what kind of format they would like to see for the sale to make it the easiest and fairest for everyone to be able to bid on the heifers. We will continue the private treaty format for the bulls because I really enjoy the personal interaction and I feel like we can get a better fit for your goals by doing private treaty versus an online auction. That being said, we have 18 bulls available for the upcoming season. Fall yearlings, a few coming 2 year olds and yearling bulls. We have the most polled bulls ever offered this year. As always give me a call or email/message me for any details. If you haven't followed us on Facebook yet, be sure to do that because I use that social media platform for alot of our updates and advertising. Pictured below is a coming 2 year old. 28AH.





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