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Finally some moisture!

We finally caught some rain and snow! I'm not a fan of mud but I've never been so happy to see it. It has been the most dry winter I can ever remember. Our triticale is greening up and a few blades of green grass are spiking out in the pastures, so we are Extremely fortunate to get this moisture. Calving is down to the last third of cows. We have had a good string of bull calves born this spring and hopefully with the fallborn bulls we will have about 18 bulls for next spring sale season. We still have a good selection of bulls available for this spring breeding season. If you are in the market for a bull give us a call! We are getting close to semen checking time and turnout/delivery season and things will get crazy busy. I'm really excited to use Anchor D IMAX on our heifers this spring. About 9 of the heifers will be available in our Red, White and Beautiful Fleckvieh Female sale so hopefully our AI will yield good results. Hopefully everyone caught some rain and we all have a great grazing season.

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