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2021 is off to a busy start.

Here at Boyle Ranch the New Year is off to a busy start. Thankfully this has been a very nice fall and winter for grazing stalks. All of the fall calves are doing great and growing like weeds out on cornstalks with their mommas. In the developing yards the weaned spring calves and fall bull prospects are really excelling. We have a great selection of bulls this year with 20 bulls for the offering. We have a great variety with 6 heifer safe bulls and some really outstanding cow bulls. The reference sires for this years offering include CFFS Balboa 409D, Keets Compact 43C, Oakview Titan, HP Collossal, Boyle Ranch Daytona and Boyle Ranch Ferrari. All bulls will be diluter tested and Igenity Beef Profiled for 16 Traits. We are going to do an Online catalog this year. Bulls are ready for viewing at the ranch and photos will be up on our website and Facebook page. As always we will hold your bull until you are ready for him with a deposit. Free Delivery within 150 miles and multiple bull discounts. We have a small group of replacement heifers that are going to be available as well, with a keep and breed option where we can AI to the bull of your choice and cover with Balboa or Golden Dawn Sargent 562G. I hope this message finds you enjoying the new year and we look forward to hearing from you! Thank You and God Bless.


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