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Cold Blustery start to the new year.

As I start this blog post the wind is currently at 28 MPH out of the NW here on the ranch. We have had some really up and down weather for temperatures but thankfully minimal snow for running cows out on corn stalks. Its always a lot of fun when the cows can stay off the feed wagon until February. We will start calving our spring cows the first week of February so they will be coming home in a few weeks. We are really excited to see the Bravo calves out of our heifers and the Gentleman Jim calves out of a big group of our cows. Ferrari got to cover a big slug of cows for us as well. Sargent is proving himself a nice compliment to our calving ease program by throwing nice, easy calving babies that grow when they hit the ground. Our fall calves are growing like weeds and really are showing some great potential for the next generation of bulls. I don't think we have ever had such a nice group of replacement heifers like we have developing right now. With that being said look for our Red, White and Beautiful Fleckvieh Female sale with both bred and open females we are going to be holding online in October. Our sale bulls are growing very well and as always I am struggling to pick my favorite for the lead off bull in our catalog. I've got a couple narrowed down but it's hard to pick just one! We have 18 bulls available this spring with a majority being Fall born and coming 2 year olds. The interest is really picking up with bull sale season coming around, so if you are in the market please call and reserve yours today. Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas and the New Year will be prosperous. I can't wait to share more baby calf pictures in the upcoming months. Happy calving everyone and let's have the best year yet in 2022. I'm including a picture of Boyle Ranch Homerun he is one of my favorites of the fall pen.




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