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Moved the fall cows home before the weather.

We moved our fall calvers home before the weather got wicked for a few days. As I was out doing night checks the wind chill was -28 degrees. Pretty happy we haven't had any calves through this rough weather so far. The calves that have been born are doing well and always enjoy the fresh bedding. They all catch a case of the zoomies when I bed the barn down haha. We are about a third of the way done calving and only two heifers left to calve. It's always nice once the heifers are all done. It sounds like the weather in western Iowa is going to straighten out by the end of the week so hopefully we can turn the fall cows back out to graze until the frost comes out. I can't wait to show everyone the catalog! Our bulls are really looking great and interest has been high. There are 15 left to choose from. If you want some information before the catalog comes out next week give me a call. 712-870-8666.

Thanks, Bryan


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